Take an All-In Approach to Branding

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A successful brand strategy is grown from the core purpose of a company, is understood by employees in every department, and is consistent across all channels of communication. When it comes to creating a brand strategy that truly encompasses everything you do, looks are only one part of the equation. A visual presence that’s consistent across platforms makes you recognizable to current and potential customers, and every detail matters. But branding is just as much about communicating who you are and what you do as it is about how you look. A bold palette, a standout logo, and a savvy social media presence are critical to success, but only when they are created on a foundation of meaning and value.

State what you offer (not just what you sell).

An effective brand strategy is all-encompassing. It starts with defining who you are and then conveying that to customers. Your business is about more than sales and profits—it’s about what you provide your customers, and how you make them feel. Do you give people a sense of luxury, of belonging to something, of confidence or security? Whatever you do, your brand should convey those intangible elements. Make sure you’re not just paying lip service to your stated mission—Millennials and Generation Z value authenticity, and reward it with loyalty. But they are also quick to notice (and share with their networks) when they think a company does one thing and says another.

Collaborate across your organization.

When each department understands the concept and the importance of alignment to the company’s brand and makes decisions with it in mind, your organization maximizes its impact. Holistic brand management brings each department in your business, from customer service to finance, together to work towards a common expression of your brand. Most companies are struggling to make profits right now, but they can continue to engage customers and build community around their brand—and this works best when everyone is on board.

Consistency is key

Your brand needs to be coherent throughout the entire organization, including design, content, customer service, and everything in between. Visual and written content, whether on your website, in your social media feed, or in your email marketing, should have a similar tone and feel. Talk to your customers in the same language. At each touch point, whether while visiting your website, clicking open an email, interacting with you through your social media channels, or purchasing and using your products and services, your customers should have a cohesive experience.

Whether you need to refresh your brand so that it aligns more fully with your value proposition and your customer base, or you need to build a brand strategy from the ground up, Sur-Ryl Marketing offers a suite of services to make sure your brand reflects your company and relates to your customers. With an individualized approach, Sur-Ryl’s creative and detail-oriented team will hone your marketing approach so that you can reach, engage, and retain customers.

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