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What Exactly is a CRM…and What Am I Supposed to Do with It?

One of the biggest frustrations with inbound marketing in any industry is that companies are missing out on highly qualified leads because they are unable to respond to the best leads quickly enough. Forbes notes that companies are wasting 71% of internet leads on average. For a small business, even improving…

How Recruiters Can Streamline the Job Application Process with SM 360º

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For recruiters, sorting through various emails from what seems like an innumerable amount of applicants can be frustrating, tedious, and time-consuming. Without the proper organization strategy or job platform, you may end up sending delayed responses, overlooking qualified applicants, or hiring someone who is not the best for the job….

Using Social Media Marketing to Achieve Success

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In our last blog post, How NOT to Handle a Social Media Crisis, we discussed what not to do on social media. Now, let’s talk about ways you can use it successfully. In today’s market, effective advertising is a must. Currently, one of the best ways to do this is…

How NOT to Handle a Social Media Crisis

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Social media — and managing public relations — doesn’t always come easy for small business owners. Maybe you’ve even agonized over how to best respond to a critical customer or handle a negative review. Using kindness and common sense can go a long way in managing a social media crisis….

Introducing SM Reviews

We are thrilled to announce our new online reputation management service, SM Reviews. With this tool, businesses can quickly and easily obtain, manage and respond to online customer reviews from top review websites, all from a single dashboard. Watch the video below to learn more. Excited? We sure are – and…