Google Analytics URL Builder

Looking for a better way to measure how well your marketing campaigns performing? 

With our Google Analytics URL Builder you can add custom campaign variables to the links you share so you can keep track of how traffic interacts with your site in Google Analytics. Easily create tracking URLs with custom campaign variables and use these trackable links to quickly identify which promotions are getting the best results. 

Your Website

Enter the website address that you want to track.

Campaign Source

This tells Google where traffic is coming from. (ex. google, facebook, twitter, email, june 16 newsletter)

Campaign Medium

This tells Google what source you used to share your campaign. (ex. cpc, banner, email )

Campaign Name

Think of this as a nickname that describes your campaign (ex. products, promo code, slogan)

Campaign Content

This is an optional feature to help you differentiate your ad (ex. smiling family, text ad, etc)

Campaign Term

This optional feature lets you enter any aid keywords you used.  (ex. crm, widget, cups)

Your Generated URL 

Just copy your generated url and paste it into your next campaign, instead of a standard url, to track your visitors and have a better understanding of which campaigns are performing best. Enjoy!