The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social media can be a very powerful tool for business growth, if used correctly. The challenge is that many modern businesses don’t have the time or talent to dedicate to building an effective social media marketing strategy—it often becomes a mere afterthought or worse, a burden. Does this sound familiar?

There are many advantages to implementing an effective social media plan. Here are just a few reasons why social media marketing is such an important piece of the marketing puzzle:

Improve Customer Service

Utilizing social media marketing allows your company to be much more responsive and thus improve the customer service experience. Twitter, for example, is an excellent platform for dealing with customer concerns before they turn into customer complaints. Customers often take to Twitter to air their grievances. This can be an excellent opportunity for you to respond quickly (within the hour) and make sure all your customers are satisfied customers.

Find New CustomersFotolia_78221849_Subscription_Monthly_small (1)

With the number of active users now at a whopping 1.55 billion (and growing), Facebook is a social media marketing channel that you cannot afford to ignore. The sheer number of potential customers combined with the personal data collected by Facebook makes a strong case for how important social media marketing should be to your overall marketing strategy.

Lower Advertising Costs

Remember print advertising? A magazine advertisement could cost you thousands of dollars and who knows if you would reach the right prospects? One of the most important advantages to social media marketing is the ability to target your audience. Whether you choose to utilize a more specialized platform, such as Pinterest, or go with the old staple (Facebook), advertising on social media is much more affordable, and more easily tracked to measure ROI, than traditional advertising.

Build Your Brand

Your customers may not know you or your brand—yet. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and whatever other networks you choose to utilize can help you build your brand online. A strong online brand leads to recognition, then trust, and eventually brand loyalty.

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