Top 5 Benefits of Email Marketing

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Even with pay-per-click (PPC), social media and search engine optimization (SEO), email remains one of the most effective platforms on which to promote a product or service. Still not convinced that it’s worth your time and energy? Here are a few email marketing benefits to consider.

Greater Return on Investment

ROI is the chief reason many business owners use email marketing to promote their products and/or services. According to a report published by credit bureau Experian, email marketing is 20 times more cost-effective than traditional marketing platforms. This is largely attributed to the fact that you can generate multiple sales from the same customer over a long period of time. Once you have a customer’s email address, for instance, you can continue to market to him or her for as long as they remain subscribed to your newsletter.

Metrics, Metrics, Metrics!

Another benefit of email marketing is the vast array of metrics and analytical data it offers. Assuming you use a robust email marketing system, like SM 360º, you’ll have access to key data like open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, number of subscribers, and more. Using this data, you can optimize your marketing emails for an even stronger response.

Sharing is Caring

Of course, marketing emails are also easy to share. By clicking the “forward” button, recipients can share your emails with others, which acts as digital “word-of-mouth” marketing. If a recipient enjoys reading your email, he or she may send it to a friend or family member. And this user may also share it with their friends or family.

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing can be automated so you easily create powerful, personalized messages that fit your receiver’s interests. Using automation software, you can schedule your emails to be sent at various times, and even set up autoresponder campaigns to reply to prospects.

Lead Nurturing

Using email, you can nurture your leads so they are more likely to buy your product or service. Some business owners have a tendency to blast their audience with heavily commercialized advertisements without first “warming” them up. This may yield some sales, but it often has the opposite effect, sending prospects running. You can prevent this, however, by nurturing your leads with emails. You can send them an introductory email, for instance, followed by a second email to seek additional information, and then a third promotional email.

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