How Recruiters Can Streamline the Job Application Process with SM 360º

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For recruiters, sorting through various emails from what seems like an innumerable amount of applicants can be frustrating, tedious, and time-consuming. Without the proper organization strategy or job platform, you may end up sending delayed responses, overlooking qualified applicants, or hiring someone who is not the best for the job. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a quick, easy and affordable way to streamline the job application process?

Here are a few ways integrating a marketing automation tool, like our SM 360º, can help you do just that by creating a more efficient workflow throughout all phases of the hiring process.

Keep Everything Simple

Many small businesses simply don’t have the resources to post jobs on the various popular, and often expensive, job boards. Instead, recruiters find themselves sifting through paper job applications or unsorted resumes that have been mailed to them from various sources. Using our SM 360º tool helps recruiters simplify this process by creating an online application form that will allow prospective employees to easily apply.

Include Others in the Job Application Process

Easily keep other key decision makers in the loop by setting up tasks in the built-in CRM that will automatically trigger when an event, such as a scheduled interview, happens. Constantly CC-ing and forwarding emails to multiple hiring staff can bottleneck the process, causing unnecessary delays. With SM 360º, you can easily automate and streamline each part of the hiring process.

Anticipate the Next Steps

Personally responding to every applicant can be time-consuming and draining. With a little bit of strategic planning, however, you can set up a series of automatic responses that can save loads of time and stress with just the click of a button. Once a candidate submits their application, a confirmation email can be sent out automatically and a task can be set up in the CRM to notify the recruiter to approve or reject their application. The system can also help you segment the applicants so that you can automatically send personalized messages to those who weren’t selected as well as those you would like to invite in for an interview.

For more information on including our SM 360º marketing automation tool as part of your company’s job application process, feel free to contact us today.

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