Planning for Your 2017 Holiday Marketing, Part 2: B2B

Sur-Ryl Marketing

If your company’s business model is B2B rather than B2C, you need to take a very specific approach to marketing. For the average consumer, a jingle or a funny video online could be all you need to make a sale. When it comes to securing business from other companies, however, careful planning and a more direct appeal may produce better results.

If you’re hoping to capitalize on the increase in sales around the holiday season, you need to start planning your marketing efforts now. Whatever goods or services you can offer to another business

Right now is a great time to put extra effort into marketing your company to other businesses as a way to improve their holiday sales.

You Need to Show Businesses How They Benefit

The easiest way to help ensure that you’re making sales and growing your client or customer base is to make it clear to your clients what benefits you can offer them. Whether you’re selling a faster and more secure point of sale system or you create complex, remote phone systems for offices, other businesses need to see the value in investing in what your business has to offer. Your company needs to be reaching out via marketing emails, in-person events, business-centric social media campaigns, targeted blog posts or even physical mailings.

Most businesses with any kind of retail or service offering for consumers hope to see a marked increase in sales leading up to the holidays. How can your business help these companies stand out from their competition? Do your products or services build a client base or streamline redundant tasks

Holiday Promotional Gifts Make Your Business More Memorable

Promotional and executive gifts support brand awareness, and they’re especially appropriate during the holidays. You can incorporate them into sales or marketing campaigns by including them with certain orders or sending them out to current and past clients as thank-you gifts. Having an online raffle or giveaway promotion using branded promotional products can be a good way to increase your exposure, while also potentially helping you generate new leads.

Whether you’re looking for something with your logo to hand out at industry events or an add-on to subscriptions or purchases that meet a minimum value, Sur-Ryl Marketing has a great assortment of options. There are, of course, some of the more common marketing gifts, like company-personalized pens, natural cotton totes and recycled paper notebooks. The options don’t stop with the obvious, however!

Sur-Ryl Marketing can also make a range of creative and customized marketing gifts, many of which have been certified as Eco-Responsible. From compressed sponges, USB thumb drives and bamboo pen holders to jumbo jute tote bags, insulated lunch bags and recycled car tire coasters, our collection of customizable items is as impressive as it is affordable. If your holiday promotional gifts are useful and unique, they could improve your chance at converting new contacts into fresh contracts!

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