How to Maximize Customer Engagement with Content

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Sometimes you become so caught up in keywords and calls-to-action that you forget the main purpose of content marketing: to connect with your audience. Although keywords and CTAs are important, are those the points that stand out most to a reader? Will a customer talk about how good your CTA was? The answer to both questions is “no.”

What makes an impact on customers is what emotions you triggered inside of them and what actions you inspired them to take. In order to do that, you must follow the fundamentals of using content to maximize customer engagement:

#1 – Understand Your Target Audience on a Deeper Level

You’ve heard it before: understand your target audience. It’s a tip almost beat to death, but it’s really the core of marketing success. You need to understand your customer’s interests and pain points. Even if you’ve already done research, it pays to learn even more about your audience. Some ways you can do this are through customer surveys, reader surveys, reading the latest statistics on your target audience, and even observing them.

Just as you always have something new to learn about a friend, there will always be more to discover about your customers. To make sure you don’t forget who they are, create customer personas too.

#2 – Streamline Your Customer Engagement Process

Your marketing should be seamless. Streamlining your marketing process will allow you to pump out content that is interconnected and consistently engaging to readers. People will lose interest in your business if everything doesn’t flow smoothly. In a previous post, we shared four helpful tools for streamlining your marketing. These tools will make content marketing easier for you and help you deliver content your audience wants.

#3 – Share Your Content on the Right Channels

All businesses should utilize social media and email marketing. To pick the right social media channels for your business, read about the demographics of each option, and select the ones your audience is on. When it comes to email marketing, you must think about what type of emails your audience wants to receive from you. This will let you know what to provide them with in exchange for email addresses.

Sharing your content manually is time-consuming, so look into marketing automation to save time. Marketing automation platforms, such as our SM 360º, allow you to automate tasks and integrate all of your social channels.


Remember, content marketing is a long-term strategy. The goal is to build relationships over time so that your name is top-of-mind when your prospective clients are looking to find someone who does what you do. Continue delivering value to your prospects through timely, relevant and engaging content and you’ll be well on your way to building your customer base.

Contact us for help creating a marketing strategy that maximizes customer engagement with content. We give each client specialized attention to build a plan that is specific to the company’s needs.

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