The Center Awards Grant to Sur-Ryl Marketing, Pays It Forward to Other Small Businesses

Article Originally Published in the company newsroom of Lendistry:

“At Sur-Ryl Marketing, we do marketing all day, every day.” Sequoia Houston, winner of The Center’s “Access to Capital” grant explains. “Because we work with so many different clients across a number of industries, we have insight into metrics that many small business owners don’t understand.”

Sur-Ryl Marketing, an LA based full-service digital marketing agency in operation for 7 years, has a business philosophy of “teach them how to fish.” The company offers small business owners assistance and training allowing the programs put in place by Sur-Ryl to be sustained.

This culture of helping small businesses succeed is one of the contributing factors Sur-Ryl Marketing was awarded a $2,500 grant at an “Access to Capital” seminar organized by The Center, a nonprofit small business resource organization. The grant offering received 82 entries, and the event was host to a diverse group of 62 attendees, with a combined $4MM+ in annual income.

Featured speaker, Lendistry CEO, Everett K. Sands, spoke on the importance of companies like Lendistry, working in partnership with banks to provide financial resources to small business owners, particularly those in underserved communities.

“Many times, you’ll attend an event and the presenters give you just enough information to scratch the surface, hoping that you’ll contact them for their paid services. This was not the case with Everett. It was his goal to make sure that attendees walked out of the session with information that we could start using immediately to make a difference in our businesses. It was refreshing,” Ms. Houston said.

“I think The Center felt our work helping small businesses was aligned with their mission,” Ms. Houston said on winning the grant. When asked why it’s difficult for small businesses to manage their own marketing, she points out that small business owners often set-up an online presence, but there’s no system in place to make sure the marketing is effective, and no strategy to evolve it over time. She calls it, “set it, and forget it.”

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