A New Frontier in B2B Marketing with Lead Forensics

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Sur-Ryl Marketing has established itself as a major player in the world of modern marketing. Now, with a brand-new partnership established with Lead Forensics, we’re poised to provide incomparable digital marketing services to our clients who work in the B2B field.

Sales in the B2B world are highly competitive. For many companies, generating and nurturing the right leads can make all the difference. Chances are that you’ve already invested substantially in efforts to market your company and your products or services. In addition to reaching out to businesses in the right industries, you may attend industry events – however, generating leads in person can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming.

Thankfully, the internet has made it much easier for companies to connect with potential clients quickly. Instead of cold calling or dropping in to visit potential clients, you can target companies or even individual employees with your marketing efforts.

When your company engages in online marketing tactics, the idea is to drive traffic to your website or social media pages. Traffic on its own is usually not the ultimate goal, however. Instead, you’re hoping that some of that traffic includes quality leads who may end up becoming customers, signing up for your newsletter or following your company on social media.

Unfortunately, most companies average an abysmal 1-3 percent conversion rate for traffic. While conversion rates refer to visitors who become paying customers, understanding your conversion rate for things like email opt-ins and social media follows can help you fine-tune your marketing efforts and optimize your landing pages to better generate leads. Even with all of this effort, however, you’ll still be missing out on a substantial number of potential leads, because not every lead will self-identify by signing up for something on your website or providing contact information.

Why Lead Forensics?

Lead Forensics is an amazing program for B2B companies trying to improve their lead generation because it helps convert traffic into actionable leads. A significant number of businesses use a static IP address for company-assigned devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones. Every online action is trackable via an IP address, and many businesses protect themselves by assigning specific IP addresses to particular devices.

Lead Forensics helps you identify traffic from other businesses by analyzing static IP traffic. Using a custom tracking code on your website, Lead Forensics can determine who was visiting your site. They can even provide a company name, telephone number, location, website address and industry code.  Knowing what businesses have employees interested in your products or services can help you turn those anonymous online visitors into real leads. The better you identify and nurture leads, the better your potential conversion rate and overall sales.

If your company is interested in learning more about how this partnership could make lead generation and conversion simpler, you should read our new ebook, titled “A New Frontier in B2B Marketing.” This ebook looks at the various stages of lead cultivation, from generating leads to identifying potential leads using tools such as Lead Forensics, to nurturing those leads and converting them into future sales.

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