Why Your First Email Should Be a “Thank You” Email

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Just as first impressions are important when you meet someone new, your initial impression in email marketing also matters. With inbound marketing, your goal is to create value for a customer, which will, in turn, nurture the relationship and encourage them to call you first when they’re ready to make a purchase. There will be plenty of time to send those pesky promotional messages you’ve been dying to get out.

So what exactly should you say in your initial email, you ask? The very first email you send to subscribers should always be a “thank you for subscribing” message. In this Thank You email, you should remind them of what they’ll receive and how often they’ll hear from you, so they know what to expect from you in their inboxes. To encourage subscribers to interact with you, you should also ask for feedback on what they want to hear from you. Allowing customers to dictate how often they’d like to hear from you not only personalizes their experience but does wonders for your marketing list retention rate as well.

Also, the subscribers who respond will make your job of segmentation easier and more accurate because you’ll know for sure what content they crave. Taking your first message a step further, you can also include an introduction of yourself or save it for a separate email. What’s most important about the first Thank You email is gratitude and transparency.

Get Results with a Thank You Email

According to a recent survey, results found that 39% of marketers send a “thank you for subscribing” email to new subscribers, and nearly 50% of those marketers said that 21+% of subscribers engaged with them after those thank you emails.

Sending a “thank you for subscribing” email when a new person joins your list will improve your first impression, increase engagement rates, and raise subscriber retention rates. People love to feel appreciated, and politeness goes a long way. Show your subscribers that you’re thankful they subscribed to your newsletter and follow through on your initial promise of how often you’ll email them and what kind of content they’ll receive in their inboxes.

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