3 Reasons to Add Promotional Products to Your 2016 Marketing Mix

Let’s talk about promotional products. Be honest. Did you steal that pen? Okay, so “steal” might be an overstatement. Maybe you were at the bank and walked away without noticing. Maybe a coworker let you borrow a logo pen and you just never gave it back. The point is, you still have the pen and you probably use it all the time.

Promotional products are so ubiquitous that we sometimes forget to talk about them when we think about marketing strategies. Promo products may seem a bit outdated, but they don’t have to be. If you think outside the box, promotional products can be a great way to increase brand awareness, stand out in the market, and build relationships.

Increase Brand Awareness

Promotional items can help to increase brand awareness and recognition, enhance your image, build credibility, and increase goodwill. Regardless of the type of promotional item you choose to utilize, there are tons of branding benefits. Remember that pen you stole (borrowed)? Even a small promotional item can have huge benefits in the long run. Every time a prospect uses that pen, they are reminded of your business. When prospects receive a promotional item, they repeatedly see your logo, brand name, and slogan. Repeat exposure to promotional products can help your customers be more responsive to your marketing and sales efforts.

Reach Prospects with Creative Promotional Products

While building brand awareness is an important aspect of your marketing, mouse pads and pens will only get you so far. If you want to get the most out of your promotional products you need to get creative. It’s helpful to think of your promotional products as gifts. Consider your target audience carefully when selecting promotional products.

Would you give your grandmother a snowboard for Christmas? Would you give your infant a copy of War and Peace? Probably not, because it’s unlikely they would use these items. The same concept applies your promotional items.

For example, Iams (a dog food company) gave away promotional frisbees shaped like barbell weights. The frisbees featured the brand’s name and the message “strong dogs” to indicate that their dog food can increase your pet’s strength. This is an item that pet owners will use again and again, it’s clever, and it communicates an important message.

Build Relationships

You might be surprised to learn that promotional products have quite a long lifespan, so when you invest in these items you are actually helping to build relationships with your clients and prospects. People keep promotional items they’ve been given for a significant amount of time—5 years on average for a branded t­shirt and 4 years for a tote bag. The lifespan of your item is also something to consider when choosing which items to utilize. The longer the prospect keeps the item, the longer your brand stays out in front of them.

Crafting a Facebook message, writing a blog post or snapping that perfect Instagram photo are great ways to get in touch with your audience, but promotional products have more staying power than a social media message and are much more personal. We would be happy to collaborate with you to help you brainstorm some additional ideas for smart promotions.

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