Last Minute Ideas For Holiday Marketing

The holidays are upon us and every business wants to get their fair share of the holiday and end of year revenue. To do this, planning ahead for your holiday promotion is essential – but, if you’re just getting started, there are still a few things you can do to make the most of the remaining holiday season. Once you’ve identified your holiday offers, try these 3 easy-to-implement digital marketing ideas to kick your promotions into gear.

Facebook Offers

There’s a reason you’ll find most popular brands on Facebook – it’s where their customers are. Not facebook offersonly that, it’s a low cost way to reach them. Start by using Facebook’s Offer feature. With the click of a few buttons you’ll have a wonderful web coupon for your holiday promotion that you can share with your network. Don’t forget to “boost” it for optimal results.

Do you sell physical products? You might also consider using Facebook’s new “Shop” feature, which allows you to use your fan page as an online store.

Twitter Flash Sales

If your brand is on Twitter, consider running a “Flash Sale.” Tweet a coupon code that customers can use to purchase your in-store or online holiday promotion within a specified amount of time. Running several Flash Sales between now and the end of the year is a great way to keep your audience engaged…and looking at your Twitter feed.

To beef up your ad, consider using Twitter cards. Twitter cards allow you to add rich media, such as photos and videos, to your posts. They’re a great way to grab attention as well as drive traffic directly to your website.

Holiday E-mail Specials

While reaching out to prospective buyers is important, it’s equally important to remember your loyal customers. Use an email marketing tool, such as our SM 360º, to create beautifully designed, personalized messages that will grab your customers’ attention. If you’re able to use sales data to segment your customers by what they have previously purchased, you might consider breaking your list into groups to offer deals on complementary items you think they could use. A holiday promotion based on a customers’ interests may take more work, but it is far more likely to get the results you want than simply sending everyone in your mailing list the same information.

Happy marketing!

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