Let Sur-Ryl Marketing PowerList Your Business for Local SEO

Have you ever tried searching for a business in your area, but have been given vague search results, or even outdated information for businesses that have moved or are no longer in business? It’s a pain, isn’t it?

One of the things that most business owners don’t think about (because there’s just so much to do already) is ensuring their business information is updated and accurate online. The next step is also ensuring that when customers search for businesses in their area that provide certain services or products, that they are found.

PowerList for local SEO

Why is keeping information updated online so important?

Customers have more ways to search for businesses, products, and services now than they ever have before. Fleishman-Hillard and Harris revealed some interesting information in their Global 2012 Digital Influence Index. According to this research, 89% of consumers use internet search engines to find products and make purchasing decisions. Eighty-nine percent!

Out of that 89% of consumers searching for businesses online, how many are finding you?

mobile SEO

On top of this, 59% of consumers use the Google search engine to find local businesses, 50% of mobile users conduct mobile searches to find local businesses, and 61% of those mobile searches result in sales!

Let us help make sure you’re listed and get those customers!

Whether you’ve been taking care of your own local SEO and SEM, or you just haven’t had time to dive into this important aspect of your business, we can help! Let Sur-Ryl Marketing seamlessly customize and update your online content for your organization, whether you have one or multiple locations.

Through our PowerListing service, we can manage the essential details of your business locations.

With our local SEO tools, we can:

  • Gather, manage, and update your listings across the internet
  • Increase the quality of your local SEO and SEM with accurate information
  • Help your customers find you by making sure you’re listed in over 50 search engines, directories, and applications
  • Enhancing your listing with photos, videos and other rich content to help differentiate your business and drive customer engagement
  • Keep your listings current with the latest announcements, offers and more
  • Track and report key performance metrics to help you make smarter and more effective marketing decisions

If you’re interested in finding out how your business is currently listed online, check out our free Business Scan Tool today.

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