Ideas on the Go: Bookmarking Your Business Card

On March 4, 2015, Posted by , In Small Business Marketing, With No Comments

Yesterday, after meeting with a colleague, I spent some time perusing the business section of Barnes & Noble. I’ve always believed that a great leader is an avid reader. While looking in one of the books I found a special surprise. Some enterprising individual had left their business card in the middle of the book. To me, this is where strategy meets creativity. Business owners are always looking for ways to capture new clients. While I don’t recommend stuffing your business cards in every book in every bookstore, I think this provides a creative and cost effective way in which you can spread the word about your business to a group who is prone to use your products and or services. Think outside of the box to determine fun ways in which you may be able to spread the word about your company. Who knows? His idea just might gain him just the business he was looking for. What creative things have you done to spread the word about your company?

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